I believe Love is the Greatest Story 

If there was a way to describe the way that the earth moved around the sun, the way that that lovers whisper to each other in the small hours of the morning, I would describe it. If there was a way to describe the beauty in the hours just after dawn when the city wakes up and starts filling its streets with its stories and dreamers, I would describe it. If there was a way to describe the feeling of what I love to do and the reason I love to do it-I would describe it. The mysterious sway of the inner workings of the world and all of its beauty is not lost to me- the way the light hits the trees at dusk, a swaying cloud above the sky moments before a storm, a butterfly that surprises and alights upon you. Long before there were cameras to capture anything, there was the overwhelming essence of beauty and spirit. Every day I feel connected to what is around me, as small as the way the river moves with the tides and as large as the gifts of sunrise and sunset we are given each day. I take this philosophy with me into all of my work. It gets folded into ever fiber of what I do- there is no possible way I could disconnect it if I tried. I am looking for the connections between you- the way the air feels between you, the way your hands touch, the way your eyes gaze at one another. This is the only thing there is. Love is the greatest thing we do and the greatest story that can be told. This is the root of the root and the place where everything else can begin. Lets begin here.