July 17, 2016

Featured : Smitten Magazine Online : Catskills Barn Wedding

There is not much in my business aside from my clients that I love more than sharing the images that I create with others who are planning their weddings. From the bottom of my heart I truly love this business and feel that I can’t contribute enough in what I am doing on my own and thereby want to share as much as I possibly can in any way that I possibly can! I am always so humbled when my weddings are accepted by these wonderful online and in print publications and I can’t say it enough how thankful I feel to be able to do this work. Magnifying love through images is one of the special side effects of having portraits of yourself done (I have experienced this first hand which I will write about soon!). Having portraits created not only documents extremely special moments in your lifetime (engagement moments, wedding moments) but it also creates the space to intensify and complete your love story through documentation. Finding the right words to describe the experience of going through an engagement and a wedding as I just have with my own husband can sometimes be something so powerful that words cannot accurately portray it. Thus, we have images. From the bottom of my heart I believe in the power of love to transform us and from that transformation, the power of images to portray the magic that is love itself.

Thank you so much to Smitten Magazine for this feature of Miriam+Patrick’s intensely magical upstate¬†wedding celebration. The full feature can be found here.


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